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Daily Heroic Story Mission Guide for Chosen

The Red War CampaignThe Almighty is finished. Time to go home, save the Traveler, take back the City, and end this war. Be brave.

Power Level

Completion Times

Fastest Time: 08mins 17secs

Average Time: 08mins 49secs

The fastest and average times are based off of user submitted times and are not specific to today's modifiers due to lack of data.


  • Immediately start sprinting towards the checkpoint barrier. If you're fast enough, you can make it through before the shield drops.
  • Watch the left hand side for the message β€œThe Red Legion has restored the barrier network.” If you see this message, you'll have to kill the Honored Colossus in order to drop the barrier. The barrier takes time to drop, so don't put yourself out in the open.
  • Once you see Hawthorne has disabled the Red Legion barrier network., you're good to go through the door.
  • You'll repeat the door process 3 times, until you reach the buildings outside. Watch for turrets on the ledges.
  • At the top of the slope, you'll jump to the right, walk up some stairs. At the top of the stairs, jump to your left to cross the buildings. You'll go around the circle ledge and jump across to the top of the building in front of you. Kill the Colossus.
  • Run up the stairs and go down the slope on the right side. Jump across to the balcony. Follow the balcony that connects to the other building. Watch for Turrets on the right.
  • Jump up on the platform where there are two lights, kill the two mobs that stand on top of the building so they don't block your jump.
  • Run through the rooftop area towards the back right, jumping to the next building.
  • Slay mobs on your way up, to meet Ikora. Wait for the teleporter to spawn and take it.
  • Once on Ghaul's ship, you'll come to a room full of dogs, just ignore them and continue on.
  • Once you reach the Quarter Deck, you'll need to kill the yellow bars in the room to continue. Go up the elevator to meet Ghaul.
  • Skip the Cutscene, look for white circles on the ground to recharge your super.
  • Kill Ghaul


There are no specific concerns regarding this mission that you should be aware of.


Mission Specific Triumphs

<ul> <li> <em>Ghaul: Heroic</em> - Defeat Ghaul on Heroic difficulty.</li> </ul>

Non-Mission Specific Triumphs

  • Triumph Heroism by completing 25 total Daily Heroic Story Missions.
  • Triumph Heroic: Red War progress by completing 5 total The Red War Daily Heroic Story Missions.


There are no specific Lore items that you can obtain while running this mission.

Non-Mission Specific Lore

  • Lore Eva's Journey from running ANY Story Mission! The Black Armory has added 4 NEW Eva's Journey lore! These lore items have a low drop chance and may require running multiple daily Heroic story missions to obtain one.
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