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How to unlock the Izanami Forge in Destiny 2: Black Armory

Last Modified: Wednesday, January 4th, 2019

Release Date: Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Our guide to unlocking the third Forge in Destiny 2: Black Armory, the Izanami Forge. We'll discuss our recommendations on where to go, what loadout to use on missions, and where to find it. This is the third forge to be released within the Black Armory Annual Pass, followed behind the Volundr Forge and the Gofannon Forge.

Power Level

Forge Location

The Izanami Forge is located within The Hallows on Nessus. We've found that the fastest way to get to this forge is by using the Artifact's Edge waypoint.

Rekindle The Flames

In order to start this questline, you'll need to head to Nessus and begin slaying anything Vex related. Each Vex enemy has a chance to drop the Legendary Questline called "Rekindle The Flames". This is the questline that takes you through reigniting the Izanami Forge!

The best place to find Vex, is inside the Artifact's Edge Lost Sector. You'll be visiting this area a few times during the questline, might as well get comfortable with it now!

Step 1 — Vex Transponder

This curious Vex device is receiving a signal with a signature close to the one used by the Black Armory. Defeat Vex anywhere on Nessus to track the signal's origin.

  • Kill 100 Vex.

Hit the Lost Sector inside Artifact's Edge until you complete this task. It's faster to run out to reset the Lost Sector instance than using the Artifact's Edge waypoint and running back. Rinse and repeat until this objective is completed.

Step 2 — Transponder Signal Lost

The Vex seem to have predicted your movement. The signal has been jammed by a powerful conflux in the Hallows.

Complete a Heroic "Spire Integration" public event to clear the interference.

  • "Spire Integration" (Heroic) completed

At reset, I was able to complete this by just rallying to the flag and standing next to it until the event started. Once the event started, I received credit for the event. If you do not receive credit, stand in each of the 3 plates to set the Public Event to Heroic.

Step 3 — Vex Transponder

The signal is clearer, which narrows down the search area. Destroy Vex Minotaurs in Artifact's Edge, the Hallows, the Glade of Echoes, and Watcher's Grave to calibrate the device further.

  • Kill 20 Vex Minotaurs.


If you're in a team, ensure that every fireteam members hits the Minotaur to ensure that every member gets credit for the kill.

There is 1 Minotaur that spawns on the left once you spawn into Artifact's Edge. Beware, this will be a hotspot.

The Artifact's Edge Lost Sector contains one Wanted Minotaur at the end. There are multiple mobs you'll have to fight on your way there, and might not be worth it if you need multiples.

Look for the "Spire Integration" (Heroic) again that you just completed. There will be approximately 10 Yellow-bar Minotaurs that you'll be able to kill once you set it to Heroic.

Obviously, you can also find them wondering around the following areas as noted in the Quest Description:

  • Artifact's Edge
  • Hallows
  • Glade of Echoes
  • Watcher's Grave

Step 4 — Black Armory signature

The source of the Vex transponder signal has been located.

Go to this unexplored area of Nessus and track the signal that is using a Black Armory signature.

Go to Nessus and track the signal that is using a Black Armory signature. Once at the location you will have to hack three vex confluxes. Afterwards, you will have to defeat a boss, the Proto-Sentinel Galedrix.

Step 5 — Broken Izanami Igniter

You found the lost Izanami Forge, but this forge has released something… unexpected. Show the item to Ada-1, who may be able to identify it.

Return to Ada-1.

Step 6 — Broken Izanami Igniter

Collect components from the Heroic version of the following public events to begin repairing the igniter:
Fallen "Glimmer Extraction", Hive "Witches' Ritual", and Vex "Spire Integration"

  • "Glimmer Extraction" Heroic completed.
  • "Witches' Ritual" Heroic completed.
  • "Spire Integration" Heroic completed.

Keep in mind that each of these events will need to be set to Heroic Difficulty in order to gain credit.

The Glimmer Extraction Public Event can be found in two locations in the solar system. Within the EDZ, this public event has a chance to spawn in Trostland, The Sludge, The Gulch, and Firebase Hades. Within Nessus, this public event has a chance to spawn in The Tangle, The Cistern, and the Glade of Echoes.

The Witches' Ritual Public Event can only be found on Titan at The Rig.

The Spire Integration Public Event can spawn in two locations in the solar system. Within Nessus, this public event has a chance to spawn in The Tangle, Watcher's Grave, Hallows, Glade of Echoes, and Exodus Black. On Io, this public event can only spawn within Giant's Scar.

Step 7 — Refurbished Izanami Igniter

The igniter is partially mended, but not yet fully repaired. Collect components to repower the Izanami igniter.

- Blended Ether from Fallen precision multikills
- Condensed Blights from Taken Blights in Lost Sectors on Io
- Radiolarian Vapor from the investigation on Nessus

  • Blended Ether from Fallen precision multikills
  • Condensed Blights from Taken Blights in Lost Sectors on Io
  • Radiolarian Vapor from the investigation on Nessus

For Blended Ether, go to Trostland in the EDZ. If you're lucky and get alone with the Glimmer Extraction Public Event, you might be able to wrap this one up quickly. If not, use the Lost Sectors "Atrium", "Terminus East", or "Widow's Walk" that are located around Trostland. These all contain Fallen and are fairly quick. Remember, you need percision multikills in order to get one Blended Ether.

For collecting Condensed Blights, you'll need to head to Lost Sectors on Io and kill Taken Blights. One Taken Blight gives you 20% progress, so you'll need a total of 5 blights cleared. I ran the "Sanctum of Bones" Lost Sector 5 times, as it was the closest to a waypoint.

To collect the Radiolarian Vapor, this is in the form of a Mission found near The Cistern on Nessus. During the mission you'll have to shoot floating diamonds/gems to cause a platform to appear. You'll have to do this quickly, as the platforms will despawn. I had a few issues with this at first on my Catapult Lift Titan, as I kept coming up short a bit short on most of these jumps. Switch to High Lift or don't suck at jumps like I do.

Step 8 — Repowered Izanami Igniter

Use the Volundr Forge to repower the Izanami igniter.

This one is pretty straight forward, just go to the Volundr Forge within the EDZ near the Sunken Isles and successfully complete it.

Step 9 — Repaired Izanami Igniter

The igniter is fully repaired. Bring it to Ada-1 for inspection.

  • Return to Ada-1

Step 10 — Repair the Izanami Igniter

Complete this advanced version of "The Insight Terminus" and collect a Cabal component from the boss to fully repair the Izanami igniter.

  • Complete "The Insight Terminus"

You can launch "The Insight Terminus" Strike directly from the map within Nessus and has a Recommended Power Level of 630. This is a Respawn Restricted mission with locked equipment. You're basically running The Insight Terminus Nightfall, so plan accordingly. There are a lot of Void Shields, so it's worth bringing a Void Energy or Power weapon to quickly burn them.

Step 11 — Reignite the Izanami Forge

Now that the igniter is fully repaired, use it to reignite the Izanami Forge.

Before you head to the forge, complete the basic bow frame as you'll need to go to this forge later in the questline. Head to The Cistern on Nessus and start the Izanami Forge. You'll complete an easier version that is more soloable, where you'll battle Aegion, Deductive Mind.

Step 12 — Return to Ada-1

Return to Ada-1 to report on the status of the Izanami Forge.

Finally, the last step! You'll head back to Ada-1 and receive a Basic Bow Frame and unlock the ability to run the Izanami Forge.


This quest is Character specific. This means that you'll have to complete this questline on each of your characters with zero shared progress across each toon.


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