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Daily Heroic Story Mission Guide for Deep Storage

Curse of Osiris CampaignSearch the Pyramidion on Io for a map of the Infinite Forest to guide you to Panoptes

Power Level

Completion Times

Fastest Time: 05mins 36secs

Average Time: 05mins 41secs

The fastest and average times are based off of user submitted times and are not specific to today's modifiers due to lack of data.


  • Jump on your sparrow and head towards the Pyramidion.
  • Stand in the circle to spawn a Conflux. Walk up to it, and scan it.
  • Jump back on your sparrow and chance your luck on not falling to your death. You should be able to make it to the tunnel before the platforms without too much of an issue.
  • Kill your way down if needed, or take your sparrow all the way down to the other side.
  • Run through the tunnels, dropping down the long shaft. The door in the next room will be blocked by a bunch of mobs. To unlock the door, kill the Quantum Hydra and the Minotaur that spawn.
  • Take the portal, going around the blocked doorway by jumping to the right. Continue on and avoid the spinning lasers, that I always end up hitting anyways. Go through the portal at the end of the room.
  • Go down the ramp, kill the Network Protector, and all mobs that spawn after him. The floor will drop beneath you.
  • Stand in the Conflux circles on the ground to unlock it. Then, continue to the next one. Kill all mobs to unlock the Vex box and destroy the box.
  • Scan the Conflux to Display Infinite Forest Data to complete the mission.


There are no specific concerns regarding this mission that you should be aware of.


There are no specific Triumphs that you can obtain by completing this mission.

Non-Mission Specific Triumphs

  • Triumph Heroism by completing 25 total Daily Heroic Story Missions.
  • Triumph Heroic: Curse of Osiris progress by completing 5 total Curse of Osiris Daily Heroic Story Missions.


There are no specific Lore items that you can obtain while running this mission.

Non-Mission Specific Lore

  • Lore Eva's Journey from running ANY Story Mission! The Black Armory has added 4 NEW Eva's Journey lore! These lore items have a low drop chance and may require running multiple daily Heroic story missions to obtain one.
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