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Daily Heroic Story Mission Guide for Fury

The Red War CampaignHelp Ikora use the Warmind on Io to learn more about the Almighty - and turn the tide of the war.

Power Level

Completion Times

Fastest Time: 06mins 34secs

Average Time: 06mins 48secs

The fastest and average times are based off of user submitted times and are not specific to today's modifiers due to lack of data.


  • Jump on your sparrow and follow the road. Go through the Lost Oasis, taking the right path to go into Giant’s Scar. Go past the mobs and into the building entrance on the left.
  • Go into the second room, and wait for mobs to spawn. Clear this room, activate the terminal to continue on.
  • Jump back on your sparrow, and exit the building on the left. Continue across the path into the circular tunnel on the right. Follow it down until you see a room of Taken mobs, continue on your sparrow.
  • As you approach another room full of Taken mobs, steer right around the containers and go up the ramp. Go left at the top of the ramp and exit on the right.
  • Once you reach Excavation Site II, you’ll have to clear the room and activate the terminal to continue.
  • Go down the hall and drop down the elevator shaft. Continue through the next room, bypassing mobs, and exit on the right.
  • The next room has some Taken fighting Vex, you can pass them without an issue and exit on the other side. You’ll head up a ramp to go back out into Giant’s Scar.
  • Head to the other side of Giant Scar to Lift Up the drill at a terminal.
  • The drill will lift up, and you can see an opening on the side of the rock. Don’t jump all the way down.
  • Follow the path to the right to enter Warmind Vault JYS-2. You can jump on your sparrow if you want to save time, but mobs are ahead. Go through the next room, up the stairs, exiting on the right.
  • Jump into the middle of the room to Activate Mainframe to spawn the mobs and the boss, Modular Upsilon. Kill them to complete the mission.


There are no specific concerns regarding this mission that you should be aware of.


There are no specific Triumphs that you can obtain by completing this mission.

Non-Mission Specific Triumphs

  • Triumph Heroism by completing 25 total Daily Heroic Story Missions.
  • Triumph Heroic: Red War progress by completing 5 total The Red War Daily Heroic Story Missions.


There are no specific Lore items that you can obtain while running this mission.

Non-Mission Specific Lore

  • Lore Eva's Journey from running ANY Story Mission! The Black Armory has added 4 NEW Eva's Journey lore! These lore items have a low drop chance and may require running multiple daily Heroic story missions to obtain one.
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