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Daily Heroic Story Mission Guide for Unbroken

The Red War CampaignFind Thumos the Unbroken and take the key codes he carries - by any means necessary.

Power Level

Completion Times

Fastest Time: 03mins 04secs

Average Time: 05mins 38secs

The fastest and average times are based off of user submitted times and are not specific to today's modifiers due to lack of data.


  • Jump on your sparrow, follow the tunnel
  • Go up the ramp to the left, it's not necessary to clear the room, but makes it easier.
  • Activate right terminal to lower the ship
  • Jump on the ship and into the tunnel. Run up the ramp to the very top
  • Before the last door, there is a lighted vent. Shoot the grate and go in
  • Follow the vent until you see a dead end. Shoot the grate and drop down
  • Run past the mobs in this room. At the end of the hallway there is a ledge on the right above a yellow bar. Save your supers.
  • At the top, shoot the grate and go in.
  • Follow the right side and kill the two yellow bars blocking the door. Burn supers if needed
  • Door opens and you have to clear this room, so take your time.
  • Run past the few mobs until you reach where Thumos spawns.
  • Kill Thumos.


There are no specific concerns regarding this mission that you should be aware of.


There are no specific Triumphs that you can obtain by completing this mission.

Non-Mission Specific Triumphs

  • Triumph Heroism by completing 25 total Daily Heroic Story Missions.
  • Triumph Heroic: Red War progress by completing 5 total The Red War Daily Heroic Story Missions.


There are no specific Lore items that you can obtain while running this mission.

Non-Mission Specific Lore

  • Lore Eva's Journey from running ANY Story Mission! The Black Armory has added 4 NEW Eva's Journey lore! These lore items have a low drop chance and may require running multiple daily Heroic story missions to obtain one.
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