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Daily Heroic Story Mission Guide for Utopia

The Red War CampaignVenture deep into the heart of the Hive to retrieve a powerful Golden Age CPU - and make it out alive.

Power Level

Completion Times

Fastest Time: 06mins 40secs

Average Time: 07mins 02secs

The fastest and average times are based off of user submitted times and are not specific to today's modifiers due to lack of data.


  • Jump on your sparrow, don't die to the broken bridge boss.
  • Take the door on the left and jump on the stairs and continue.
  • Run past the mobs and shoot the glass to go into the Arcology.
  • Run to the building in the back right corner. Follow it until you see a closed door.
  • Use the left terminal to unlock the door.
  • Run in, hugging the left wall to avoid the mobs.
  • Go into the next room, hug the right wall and drop down the hole in the floor in the back left.
  • Follow the next room and exit on the left. Kill the Shrieker, because I hate those guys.
  • Run past the next room and drop down behind the ogre. Aim for the double red lights.
  • Follow the tunnel, jump down, aiming for the white light.
  • Again, jump all the way down aiming towards the yellow light
  • Follow the route until you come to a dead end, shoot the grate on the right.
  • Follow the path, exiting on the right, drop down in the middle of the two slopes.
  • Go down the hall until you see a Hive opening on the left. Shoot the tapestry to go in.
  • Follow the vents, don’t forget to spam your jump key when crouching through.
  • At the end of the vent, a piece of the grate will break, don’t die.
  • Jump across, grab the orb, take it to the tank.
  • Follow the route until the end.


There are no specific concerns regarding this mission that you should be aware of.


There are no specific Triumphs that you can obtain by completing this mission.

Non-Mission Specific Triumphs

  • Triumph Heroism by completing 25 total Daily Heroic Story Missions.
  • Triumph Heroic: Red War progress by completing 5 total The Red War Daily Heroic Story Missions.


There are no specific Lore items that you can obtain while running this mission.

Non-Mission Specific Lore

  • Lore Eva's Journey from running ANY Story Mission! The Black Armory has added 4 NEW Eva's Journey lore! These lore items have a low drop chance and may require running multiple daily Heroic story missions to obtain one.
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